In this building we have three different apartments


 We are located in an old quarter in Foz Velha in Oporto. It is exactly  where the river Douro flows into the sea. In this picturesque area of the city there are beaches to relax, the beautiful park of Passeio Alegre with palm trees to stroll and several gastronomic restaurants to enjoy the good Portuguese food.​

 An excellent rehabilitation of a building located in Foz Velha respecting old materials and techniques of construction in Porto but using vegetal elements such as wicker, linen and woods. As well, as the use of local clays and grains, oils and beeswax together with the technology and all the comfort needed for a modern home. This building is about an excellent work of recovery and innovation regarding the reconstructive technique. As an example we can highlight the woods that have changed into a pale yellow color because of the iron oxide that was used in the beginning of the last century.